Rebecca Arok – Southern Sudan Health Projects

Rebecca Arok

UPDATE: We have completed our goal to pay the salary for Rebecca! Now we are working on paying a monthly salary for another Home Health Promoter – $125/month

For 2013 – Trinity has decided to ‘adopt’ a Home Health Promoter from The Southern Sudan Health Project (see for more information)

On Sunday 1/13/13 We voted from 4 healthcare workers and we chose….


Trinity will pay the $1,500 for a year salary for Rebecca! Home Health Promoters work in sets of 2 in a village, they are able to give medicine for illnesses like Malaria, they see about 300 or more contacts in one month. They educate people on healthy practices, do prenatal and birth care, and are able to help some health problems or make a referral to the hospital (4 hours away) when needed. We are excited to help make such an amazing impact possible with adopting one worker for 2013!