Brown Memorial UMC & S.W.U.M

Collections and needs for Brown Memorial UMC and SWUM (Syracuse Westside Urban Mission)

This is a year in what we are working and having new positive expectations for all our programs. One of our activities is the Christmas Store. The purpose is to give Christmas presents to our community people especially those who are participating in the Life Skills Programs. So, we invite all of you to participate on this big activity, if you have gifts that you want to donate to us for this purpose. We appreciate your prayers for this mission. Below is a list of needs for the Christmas Store:


Small to 3XL T-shirts, sweatshirts
Small to 3XL pajamas
Axe, men cologne, Old Spice kits, etc., tools, booster cables, wrenches, socket sets, screwdriver sets, wallets, razor, thermal underwear.

Small to 4XL Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, pajamas, jeans, sweats, nightgowns, jewelry, bath kits, perfume, knickknacks, purses, make-up kits, nail polish, brushes comb sets.

12 – 18  Teenage girls
– shirts, pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, nail polish, make-up kits, small radios, headphones, jewelry, pajamas.
2 T – 11 Little girls – Shirts, clothes, pants, jackets, brush sets, dolls, craft kits, drawing supplies/kits, games, jewelry.

12 – 18 – Shirts, hoodies, jeans, kits, sweatshirts, basketballs, footballs, soccer, baseballs, skateboards, radios, headphones, handheld games.
2T – 11 Small boys – shirts, pants, hoodies, jackets, space men, tool kits, pajamas, cars, trucks, Lego game, balls, action figures, games.


For additional information you can send your email to:, call Olga E. Gonzalez at 315-475-8996 or Esther Crossman at 315-849-6737.