Aimee Franc Memorial Playground


Welcome to the Aimee Jean Franc Memorial Playground.  Built and dedicated on September 12, 1999, the playground and garden are a tribute to Trinity United Methodist Church and the local community. There are two play structures, one for kids 2-5 and one for kids 5+.

The Franc family had attended Trinity United Methodist Church for ten years when their youngest child suddenly passed away in her sleep, after a brief illness.  In the Francs’ struggle to search for a meaningful way to memorialize her, it was on a trip home from Buffalo that Aimee’s mother, Jaci, noticed a playground at a church along the Thruway and thought, “What a perfect idea!”.

Thus began a three-year labor of love to raise funds to build the playground.  The church, nursery school, family, friends and the local community all helped to make the vision come true.  In the fall of 2004, the garden and path were added by Aimee’s older brother, Derek, who had come up with the idea for his Eagle Scout project.

The playground is open for all of God’s children to enjoy!

Memorial Garden & Plaque

Anyone wishing to donate to the Aimee Jean Franc Memorial Playground and garden can do so by dropping off recyclable bottles and cans at MSK Redemption on Route 57 in Liverpool.